Lamb Chop Drop

Lamb Chop Drop 1.0

A brave lamb has decided to become skydiver. Enjoy and have fun! (See all)

Lamb Chop Drop is about a cute little brave lamb who loves heights and decides to change her life and become a sky diver, an extreme and highly exciting sport.
The game begins when the lamb jumps off a plane. We have to perform maneuvers while it's falling in order to catch the stars of different colors that are floating around. Each color indicates the amount of points you will get if you manage to catch it. There are also small blue bonus boxes full of surprises; they might have lots of stars of one specific color, or other special items, it is worth to catch those boxes even if you let some stars pass by.

When you're falling the speed will get faster and faster until it reaches its limit, and as you approach the ground, the objects below you will begin to acquire form and color, and the clouds will disappear.

Use the mouse to control your lamb, it will give you maximum mobility and control over your character, making it a lot easier to grab the stars in the sky. The music is simply excellent and energetic, the sound effects are not bad at all, unfortunately they are way too quiet. And the colorful and sharp graphics make this quite an entertaining game.

Jonathan Palencia
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Review summary


  • Entertaining and fun
  • Relaxing
  • Stress reliever
  • Gives sense of freedom
  • Possibly will cheer you up


  • Needs more animation when falling
  • Runs slow on some machines when a lot of stars show up at the same time
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